Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tales from the Dating Site...A Fashion Bug Excursion

So...things have been all quiet on the dating front, at least from my dating site profile. Well, truth be told, it is because someone reported my account and it got flagged and deleted. :)

I actually thought I should get some award from potentially offending some fucktard who got his panties in a twist, but, no such luck.

So I created a new one - I am not one to give up that easily....

Today, I receive a message from a gal, Caroline, is her name. (Note: My commentary about the situation will be in parenthesis)

C: ur pritty

L: Thank you very much!

C: yer welcome i got a quick q,, would you like to meet for lunch? im lookin for regular friends 2,, do you do anything like lite makin out with out your bf? Caroline

(ok, so apparently we are on a phone using text-talk or we are just stupid)

C: yer lips r amazing wow

(She must be pulling out all the big guns now, I have never had ANYONE tell me "YER LIPS R" this bucket list item gets crossed off the list)

L: Um, sure I am always open to meeting new people and lunch.

(Which is true, new people are new experiences and I am open to trying new things. Sure, lunch would just be an hour of my day sometime...ok fine)

C: ok and would you be into pickin me up,,im in greenfield 25 min from Indpls,,? where would you like to go? or we could get a sandwhich then go to a park n chat.. i get bored here at the house,,lol so if i gave you a kiss would you mind that? jus wondering? lol C ; :)

(Picking you up? UM, excuse me??? What is this, the mooch-a-date site? In Greenfield? LMAO Riiiiiiiiight! Get a "sandwhich" and go to the park, huh? Wow I am missing out here....well, and especially, I am missing out on the cave-dweller who apparently wants to kiss me....)

(Now I must say that I did not respond to that. What do you say to that????? To her credit, she was quite brave and bold to throw herself and ideas out there...she is clearly lonely, and I know myself, and most people have struggled with lonliness at least one point in their life....however, then I get this....)

C: Lisa,, ru free today to do lunch? theres a nice culvers off nine,, or we could go to the fashion bug tolook around,, srry i wouldnt make a move on you,, id respect u,, but a regular hug be nice~ C do you give your # out?


So this was where the conversation essentially ended. Again, what do you say to a Fashion Bug rendevous????? She was clearly lonely today, looking to have someone come have a sandwhich and go to Fashion Bug with her. I must say, had I not been in Lafayette for work, it was almost tempting to go...It is always nice when the potential creepy person tells you right off the bat that they wouldn't make a move on you, and that they would respect you....

Of COURSE, she almost "had me at hello" with the Culvers thing, I am a sucker for ice cream. And what better way to spend an afternoon than with a cave-dwelling sandwhich lover offering to buy me some Culvers (if I drive 25 min to pick her up) and walk around FASHION BUG?!?!?!?!?!?

I just HAD to draw the line though, when she asked if I gave my number out. HUMPF! IF she knew me at ALL, she would know that I HATE talking on the phone and never pick up when people call, ever. If it is that important the person will leave me a message.

SO, amidst all the anticipation of getting a date, I had to shut it down. Or rather, I just didn't reply. I am hoping the non-reply method of rejection will be less painful and she can boldly move on to the next girl she can say "ur pritty" too.

Yes, world...I am still single...



  1. hehehehe 5 will get you 10 "she" is a 45 year old horny sexual pervert who beats off to your careful out there Lisa....they walk among us....Love ya. Big Daddy

  2. I bet C was a "dude" in reality...

    This is a great story..I laughed a lot at the details in this..

    "Again, what do you say to a Fashion Bug rendevous????? "