Friday, July 9, 2010

Even Cheap Ass Oil can be surprising....

One of the beautiful things about watered down, cheap ass oil that Walmart uses when they perform service on my car once every few months, is that, they don't TELL me the oil they are using. Perhaps I could ask if I wanted to, and I am sure they would tell me.

But see, I don't want to know. There is a 50/50 shot that they really ARE using cheaps ass oil, and it would confirm my fears.

They are discreet.

Discretion is one of the things I am a HUGE believer in. Ha, I know you are laughing as I sit here, writing on a PUBLIC blog about super personal things....but I NEVER mention names, except my own. It's nobody's business but mine who I come in contact with, but more than that, we all can relate to the situations I happen to vent about. And that is all it is. I don't really vent to one particular person very often, as I don't trust people. This I trust, because I set the parameters of what I want placed out here.

The photog redeemed himself, at least, gave me what I was after. Not the pictures....Oh come on, I am a redhead, it was the PRINCIPLE of the thing!!! I wanted a "You're right" - and WOO HOO, I was victorious!!!!!!!!!! LOL - go ahead, roll your eyes, BUT if we don't act on our principles and convictions, why the hell are we alive????

Along with that, he has indicated he will get me the pictures, and, actually indicated he hoped they were better then "cheap ass oil" WHICH means he is TOTALLY a fan of my blog and an avid reader of it, because he apparently read my post yesterday....I love when bad situations turn around for the good :)

Bottom line, I am turning 30 this year, one of those MILESTONE bdays...and I am amused how things still continue to surprise me...even cheap ass oil, can be surprising.


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