Sunday, July 4, 2010

Pushups and Dude

OK OK, So I WAS going to put up the pc and go do something constructive, but as I sit here, at my new place, I have this ASTOUNDING view from my back door and dining room window. I look out and I see this huge lake, sparkling in the sunshine, boats at the dock, the lake surounded by weeping willow trees, and looking to the left, the swimming pool.

Nothing unusual about that, it is fuller today than I have seen it since living here for a week. Obviously, it is the 4th, so it makes sense. Kids are playing, old ladies reading, couples listening to their ipods....and a dude.

Hehehehehehe...yes, a dude. A dude has always been defined to me by some big fellow with shoulders to broad for his own good, that actually walks in a way to sway them back and forth when they walk. It is almost as if each shoulder has to cut into the oncoming air to part the way for the rest of the body...a rolling out the carpet, if you will.

Well the dude is in his lawn chair relaxing, and I took the scene in as I was sitting here writing my previous post, and thought nothing of it.

Until the dude got up.

The dude got up out of his lawn chair, and proceeded to slowly strut like a rooster around the outline of the pool, shoulder first.

Then as he returns to his chair, he does a Nestea plunge onto the concrete!!!!! WTF?!?!?!!?

First thought was he tripped and fell, but OH NO, yes, ladies and gents, we start a routine of pushups!!!!!

(I must say, this was a scene I NEVER got at the old apt pool)

He literally did 25 pushups, got back up, and sat back into his lounge. LOL

Well geez, NOW I have to sit here and watch and see what kind of routine this is....I mean, is it once an hour, once every 15 minutes, WHAT? And just on the concrete for fucks sake???? He is definitely a dude. lol

Will make sure to let you know what the routine is, and the timeframe, so you TOO, can be a dude!!!!


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