Saturday, November 12, 2011

Journal Entry of the White Queen


Dear Diary,

That damn dwarf attempted to REFUSE to sing to me today. Said it wasn't Thursday. HOW DARE HE?!?!?!?!? I know it isn't Thursday!!! Well, ok, fine, I technically didn't know at the time it wasn't Thursday, I was still buzzed from the night before. I threw a party and we played "Guess the Stone" - Oh! I love that game! We round up the forest creatures and write down what face we think they will make when I turn them into is great fun! Except that damn owl gets me every time! He always makes the same surprised face, and I can't figure it out...I think he is messing with my head.

Met an Edmund today as well. Is a human, apparently. They smell, and are more annoying than dwarves. Note to self: reread the prophecy - decide if defeating Aslan is worth dealing with the smelly things. I mean I can't get back that deposit on the condo in Rio de much for a vacation it seems. And I just finished mastering water skiing with one ski too!

I did good on my diet today. The Edmund asked for Turkish Delight and I did not even have a bite! I know Morgrin was shocked when I asked him to bring some out, he knows that I told him that I did not want it in the castle!!! He knows if its there I will eat it, but I restrained myself. And I feel good about myself because of it. I know that food does not have to rule me and I am beautiful no matter what size I am.

And now dear Diary, I leave you to drift to sleep. I have to get up early to oversee the ransacking of a faun's house in the morning. I hope Frostbucks is open that early...I will totally need a venti iced cappuccino.