Saturday, July 24, 2010

Untitled - November 22, 1994

There is a story of passion foretold,
An eerie tale which never gets old.
It's been told before, again and again
But I might as well tell you, so let's begin.
This man is strong, he shows no fear
He has no feelings, he sheds no tears.
I saw him once, and once was enough.
The bad thing is that I loved him much.
He saw me at night for he couldn't see day
I often wondered why he could not stay.
His face is pale. His eyes like fire.
He feels no pain, I often inquire.
His teeth like daggars, his lips like blood
Dripping off from an endless flood.
He's charming and beautiful, an angel you'd think.
I too, felt the same until he took his first drink.
There was no pain or fear, he took it all away.
He left no marks because I could not pay.
He will come back and claim his prize.
This is when I become his bride.
But I will be soon and my darling will wait,
Standing like an angel at a hellish gate
To spend forever, I love you so.
With that bite he claimed me, he never let go.
Now the wind is cold and the lights are dim,
And I find myself becoming one of them.
My mind surpasses, my teeth get sharp,
My voice is cold like a knife in the dark.
I get scared sometimes but he says it's ok
He'll be there for me, now he can stay.
My lips are like blood, my eyes now like fire
But this is what I get for loving a vampire.

Love has no boundaries, my mother once said.
I never really though I would love the dead.
She always thought I would find a man
To love me more than my vampire can.
He's in my mind and in my dreams
And forever in my thoughts it seems.
He can't go away and I don't want him to.
But the day will come when he sets out to do
Everything he planned for his life
This was all before I became his wife.
He wants to fill his soul with youth
A child's blood, he says, the only fruit
To quench his thirst, to forever live.
He borrowed my soul, what else can I give?
For I will do anything for you my pet.
I promised you this on the day we met.
I knew deep down that I wanted you so.
I was patient and taught you to let go
Of all the hate and the pain inside,
Given to you by your other bride.
I want to help you. I'll take care of it all
Have faith in me, I won't let you fall.
I'll be there for you, I will stay forever,
Or as long as you want me, I will never
Leave your side, or hurt your soul
I will love you and be faithful
Until the day when I die.
You will come and hear the cries.
Standing on a hillside not too near,
You can't get close or they'll see your tears. cried because you lost,
The only woman who paid your costs.

So now you'll go on to spend forever alone.
Sitting by yourself on a golden throne.
I love you darling, I hope you'll forgive
Me for needing you, and the life I lived.
I wanted to be immortal, and spend eternity
With the only man who could set me free
From all my pain and my strife.
You...who could give me everlasting life.
Just one more bite and I would have been whole
I'd feel the pain go away as blood cleansed my soul.
So now I am an angel, watching over you.
Watching your life and the things you do.
I sit on a cloud, in all my glory
Singing my song and telling my story
About a girl and a man, with eyes like fire
And how she came to love a notorious vampire...

~November 22, 1994


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