Sunday, May 2, 2010

Untitled - 1996

You stand in a crowd, but you're really alone
Showing only your happiness, your fear isn't known.
I sit off to the side, watching in wonder
How they don't see your tears, your anger like thunder.
I wonder if you see me sitting off to the side,
Covering myself and trying to hide
My open soul, so you won't see,
How tormented I am. How I can be
Afraid of you, afraid of it all.
I'm trying to wait, trying to stall
So I won't completely leave you yet.
I am holding on so I won't forget
About the times we had, the life we shared;
All that time I thought you cared.
I turn away as you glance at me.
Not letting you know, not letting you see.
But in a way it seems like you know
That I am trying to let you go.
I look over again to study your face
Once full of peace, full of grace.
There was a time when you smiled all day
When you always had something funny to say.
It's hard to talk, or get through at all.
As I come closer you build up your wall.
To separate us, so you can forget
How you promised you would never regret.
But I understand and my heart is young
And somewhere out there, must be someone
Made for the mold, to fit perfectly
To fill your desires, who makes you happy.
I will walk away, my head held high
To young to take revenge, to old to run and cry
If you love someone, you must accept who they are
Not how you can make them, or change their hearts.
Time is so short, you only get a chance
To feel love's warmth, and unmask the romance.
Next time you fall, give a little more
So you don't hurt her feelings as you close the door.
I can't meet your expectations of what you want me to be
So it's better now that I have set you free.

LMS - 1996

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  1. Okay, Lisa. . . . I have a book to show you. LOL