Sunday, May 2, 2010

Captured Light Studios Shoot #2 (Charles Letbetter) April 24, 2010

Sometimes you wonder if the sequel is going to be comparable to the original. I wondered that with this shoot with Charles. We set out to shoot 2 sets. The first, entitled "Health and Coffee" has been posted and blogged about. Wonderfully calming set of shots. And I got to wear sweatpants and a sports bra!!!! :)

The one thing I appreciate about Charles, is his ability not to waste your fucking time. I do not hesitate to squeeze a shoot in with him on a day I have too much to do, because when he tells me it won't take long, I know that means that we will spend more time sitting around gossiping like a couple of old biddies than we will shooting.

But don't let that fool you. The great artists are not found in the length of time it takes to execute.

I really like the dark feeling of these pictures, and the concept behind it. Exploring your darker side is a gift many of us don't get to embrace often enough.

Click on the link, enjoy the story, take in the beauty of the pictures, leave comments for the artist...I know he appreciates them

~Lisa Marie

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