Friday, May 7, 2010

Take my TV.....please!!!!!

At this point today, I am almost laughing at the break in that happened at my apartment yesterday.

I receive a call at 3:45pm from the Asst. Manager at my apt complex, indicating someone had kicked my door in, and he knew for sure they had stolen my tv, but wasn't sure what else. Naturally, I go into full panic mode, as I have never had anything like THIS happen before.

When I was in high school, someone broke into my gym locker and stole my clothes, and 2 pairs of new Nike tennis shoes I had, so I had to go the rest of the day in my gym uniform (embarrassing)...but nothing as violating as this.

Violation - that is the only word really to describe this sort of thing. When I heard people talk about it before, that is what is always said. They felt violated. I thought it was almost a cliche. But seriously, that is the only feeling I had yesterday. Well, that AND how am I going to explain to the lil man what happened. His reactions cannot be planned (yes, he is a drama queen like me) and I knew I was in for a long night of consoling. He took it reasonably well, considering.

So the fucktards took our tv, my laptop, the Nintendo Wii, and the lil man's Nintendo DS. Yes, they did it when I was not home. No, they did not go through the rest of the place. They seemed to either know what they were after, or just took the things that were out.

My neighbor, Mr. Sanchez, told me he saw the people leaving. 2 black gentlemen (can I really call them that???) about 18-20 years old, and the drove off in a red Malibu. Glad to have this information, BECAUSE, based on things, I am very sure it was someone who lives in my complex.

I have a very large patio (it was THE selling feature of the place, IMHO) and a large sliding glass door that you can see right in if you walk by my patio. Many people walk by daily, several times a day in fact...and often at night, I sit out on my patio typing away on my laptop, with the curtains open. Anyone who walks by could see my huge tv. So it had to be someone who walked by at one point.

Granted, I am not going to be playing Magnum PI or I am not naive to the fact that most likely, the dickweeds won't be caught, my stuff won't be recovered, and I am thankful I have renter's insurance.

This tv I bought, a 32 inch flatscreen LCD/DVD combo. Loved that thing. BECAUSE it has a built in DVD player. However, it WAS a floor model, and for some reason, the DVD remote never worked properly. The thugtards did not take the remote.

This morning, before I left for work, I took a tour of my apartment complex...oh, out like a Sunday drive you know? How often do you get the pleasure to stroll through your community? I have been here a year and thought it was time to see what is over on the other side. Not like I was looking for anything in particular (red Malibu) - and not that I found anything. Yet.

No, if I find it I am not going to slash the tires, or beat on the door, or anything of that nature.

Actually, I think I will bake some cookies and put them in a box, and duct tape the box to the car, along with the tv remote and a note, saying, "You will probably need this to go with the tv you stole from me. Hope you enjoy the cookies, neighbor! :)"

Because I am all about building relationships.

~Lisa Marie

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  1. Ah, the ole' arsenic in the cookies trick. Good thinking! :^D