Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Pass the Sap...

So, in honor of Sappy Love Song Day - a day I declared for me on Facebook today, I listened to sappy love songs as I worked at my desk. There is something soothing and happy for me when I listen to these overly sappy love songs, and I can't QUITE place my finger on it.

Sure, a few of the songs are sweet...Landon Pigg's "Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop" is just dripping with sweet mapley-syrup goodness, it makes me wanna slide up to a plate heaping with a crispy Belgian waffle topped by strawberries, pecans, and cream...but no cheese on the side. The song MAY be sappy, and sweet, but it is not cheesy. Not eyerolling. The 'Coffee Shop Song', as I refer to it, holds quite a special place in my heart. I was fortunate enough to hear it live, in a hole in the wall, shoddy, lean-to style coffee shop-esque bar...and then was fortunate enough to shake Mr. Pigg's hand. (I hate calling him that...reminds me of Pumba in The Lion King, when he goes, "They call me MISTER PIG!!!!!!!")

Sorry, digression. The POINT is, we all have one song or a few songs that really speak to us, and relate to us. Sappy love song or not. That is one of mine.

Interestingly enough, MOST of the songs I really like are the heartwrenching 'loved and lost' songs. Oh you know the ones, 'she is better off without you...but you still want her back, and it doesnt matter that you cheated on her 5000 times, every rose has it's thorn and I honestly love you my lady so I come to you with open arms if you'll just take me back but you won't because you are better off without me.....' THOSE songs. I love.

Perhaps it is because some of the instumentals, I find to be soothing. Granted, I am no musician. But you can't really help what your ear finds pleasing and what it doesn't.
Perhaps it is because I enjoy visualizing the "stories" I form in my head while listening to the lyrics.

More than that, I really think though, it is because, if you catch me on the right day, in the right mood, I listen to some of them to make myself cry. (Note: today was not one of those days)(I received several messages today asking me if everything was ok, because I was playing sappy love songs LOL) (Thank you all for caring XOXO)

I have always found crying to be so healthy and I try to do it regularly. It, literally is a washing over of yourself and man, nothing makes me feel better sometimes than crying over someone else's pain, and knowing it isnt mine! Yes, sounds awful, BUT!!!! We all do it. How often do you hear about an accident on the news, and are sad for the people but glad it isn't you or anyone you know???? (Pllllllbbbbbbttttttttt!!!!!!!!!! - my tongue spitting on you)

I listen to the sap, because I find it comforting to be able to visualize the pain people feel, as if it were my own, and I can cry, but then when the song is over, then I am glad it isn't me and I am happy. Of course it COULD be me...but it isn't at that particular moment.

Songs make us think of people. I am not sure about high school boys, but as a girl in high school, I used to pick songs out for different fellows. Much like I would write one, sometimes multiple poems entitled with that particular boy's name. So then what happens...everytime you hear that song, you think of that person.

I do happen to remember quite a few of them - here is a list (last names omitted)

Codey -
"Always" Bon Jovi (He and my brother and another gal went to the Bon Jovi concert WITHOUT me, not even an invite!!!!!! And of COURSE, as a 14 year old girl, I was TOTALLY IN LOVE and he 'broke my heart', and the BEST part of that song was the end - "When he says the words you been meaning to hear, I wish I was him cause those words were mine, to say to you till the end of time". Yeah, I was "that girl", standing on my bed with the Barbie as a microphone (shut up, I loved my barbies, even when I was 14 - fuck you) confidently singing those words at the top of my lungs to feel revenge on the bastard. LOL. Ha! I love it.)

Bobby -
"Don't Speak" No Doubt (This really wasn't "our song", LOL. Actually the only reason I recall it was because we went to a dance together, and this song came on and we were going to dance and then he said to me, "Oh, um, I hope you don't mind, but I need to go dance to this song with Charlotte (a best girl friend). Ha, and then he did. And....I stood there LMAO. But when I hear this song, I think of him)

Ken -
Anything from the 'Hair' Soundtrack (I was dating Ken during Hair at TOTS.)

Bill -
Grateful Dead (Ok so literally, I am not sure I have even heard a Grateful Dead song the whole way through, but any time I DO hear one, I think of Bill. Not that one was ever playing when we were together, but he had this Grateful Dead shirt that he seemed to wear once a week.....)

Dustin -
"No Diggity" Blackstreet (ha! He picked me up to go watch him play soccer one night. We were in the car smoking and driving, and this song came on and we were just jammin, LOL. Then we stopped at Thortons for coffee before the game.)

Shane -
Anything Journey (yeah...nuff said LMAO!!!!!)

Jon -
"Iris" Goo Goo Dolls (I came up to visit Indy when I had moved to Alabama. Jon and I had went out for an evening and as I was driving him home, this song came on. Absolutely love this song!!!!! So I fondly remember my friend Jon when I hear it)

....and that's all that are coming to if you are reading this and WE had a SONG in high school, tell me what it is, so I can think of you when I hear it.
Or I can just forget it again.
Or I can just bitchslap you and say "Quit being so FUCKING SAPPY RETARD!!!!!"

Your choice


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