Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Slowburn Images Shoot 4/17/10

Scott Allen, fantastic photographer in Indianapolis, posted on Facebook a need for women...and a bed. :)

Ok, I'll bite. (redheads do it better, you know)
So Scott proceeds to tell me about his "Bed" project, where he is capturing subjects in a bed, doing various things. So of COURSE I am game. A nice big cherry sleigh bed like mine should be used for something other than sleeping and...not sleeping :) SURE let's shoot in my bed.
He asked me to bring things into the bed with me that outline my personality. So immediately, wine and underwear came into my mind.

Also, NATURALLY, the "Redheads Do It Better" t-shirt which I will be buried in.

Scott is a pleasure to work with, only had one casualty, and that was me...falling off the bed and slamming my knee into my dresser. I still have the bruise.
~Lisa Marie

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  1. ah, but the real pleasure is how easy it is to work with Lisa. She's undaunted by anything and can even bring life to some of my vague sketchy ideas and make it all so simple. If only all shoots could go this well..