Monday, April 26, 2010

Captured Light Studios Shoot (Charles Letbetter) - 4/24/10

So on Friday the 23rd, I receive a message from Mr. Letbetter on Facebook, indicating he has a need for me to be in front of his camera, and what was I doing next Saturday. I indicated I could shoot early, so we made a plan to shoot.

Saturday, April 24th rolls around and I am up hustling to get my stuff together for a shoot with Brian Logan (pics and blog to be posted as soon as I receive)...and I receive an IM from Charles, "I am getting the coffee ready, see you in a little while."

While *I* had assumed Charles had meant we were setting up a shoot for May 1, he meant April 24th. ACK.

Long, embarrassing story short, Charles was gracious enough to forgive me, and fit me in after my shoot with Brian Logan.

Charles is the only photographer I know (thus far) that has told me, "I want to shoot you in sweatpants, or something comfy like that." My first reaction was.....HUH? What? Um, ok, Mr. Outwiththeangelsgettingnakedandplayinginmud. :) You want me clothed???? And sweatpants to boot???? What did someone slip in your french press?????

However, he redeemed himself when he went on to say, "Then I want to shoot naked, with heels" (me, not him - although the thought of Charles shooting naked with heels, well, I will leave all commentary to your own device)

It is amazing to me in the times I have worked with Charles, how he can take something as simple as a girl in yoga pants and a tank top, plop her down on a small blanket in a space not much bigger than a couch cushion, and capture angles and emotions most cannot get without alot of thought, planning, and scenery.

He posted the images, along with his creative text, late last evening, in his new site called "Storied Pictures".

I am honored to have graced the page.

Check out the shoot, "Health and Coffee", and story here:

Leave comments, I know he appreciates your time.

Thanks again, Charles :)

~Lisa Marie

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