Friday, August 12, 2011

Swat team at Big Time Rush


Last night I took lil man to his first concert - first concert of HIS choosing. Big Time Rush came to the Indiana State Fair and tickets were $20 bucks, so, sure, why not. Big Time Rush is a Nickelodeon TV show about a boy band and their antics. They are a 'band' on the show so doesn't it make perfect sense to ACTUALLY HAVE THEM TOUR AS IF THEY HAVE REAL TALENT AND SINGING ABILITY?!?!?!?!? Of course it does.

At the fair, for concerts, there is the grandstand, and then they set up seats on the floor in front of the stage. So to be as close as possible, I got the floor seats. We were in the very last row, but I thought this would be good so he could stand up on his chair to see. WEEEEEEELLLL, that was a no go.

This place was covered with security officers, IPD, and state police...swaggering around just looking for someone to do something worthy of allowing them to execute their mass of muscle. Um, did I mention this was a Nickelodeon band?

So I told lil man to stand up on his chair, so he could see, since we are in the back row, we wouldnt be blocking anyone behind us. He does. People in front of us were doing it too. After about 10 minutes, security comes by and says he needs to get down. So of course I assume next he will be talking to the people in front of us. Nope. Just us. Nice.

So naturally, as the concert starts, I tell lil man to get back up on his chair. And after about 15 minutes some officer-asshole comes over, puts his hands on MY lil mans shoulders, and says rather rudely, that he needs to get down, he is not allowed up there. Instead of unleashing the devil on him for touching my son, I calmly asked why? And I am told that he cant stand on the seats because people behind won't be able to see.


I turned around and said, "Uh, people behind what? Us? There is no one behind us." He then tells me that the people that are sitting behind us need to see. "Uh, what people?"

He says, well if there were people.


I think I was giving him this dumbfounded look - and then ended up shaking my head at the ridiculousness of the situation, and his idiocy. The fact that even though we are attending a Nickelodeon concert, where the average age of child there is 9, we have to break out the fucking swat team to 'control' the situation.

So we moved. There was open space out from the seats, and lil man could see if we stood there, so we ended up standing there. For an hour.

He liked it, and he got a t-shirt, and we survived...but I have to tell you, people wonder why I hate people....THAT is why I hate people. We conform to rules, and we carry things out, even if they make NO sense whatsoever! What the FUCK is wrong with you?!?!??! You have to let people SEE behind you, when there is NO ONE behind you. Where is the fucking logic in that??????


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