Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Among other rumors...


There has been recent excitement in the Redhothead household lately. A new pup, Jujy...I turned 31 last week...STRIKE rehearsals are going well (as soon as I get my head out of my ass and embrace my inner pin - of course perhaps I am hoping to embrace it more WITH the head up the ass...IDK...), and I have accepted another position, at another company.

I am extremely excited and the opportunity this is going to be for me, I just can't put into words.

Sometimes with jobs/careers, I find it interesting, because most of the time you are literally running FROM a current company, to anything....because you have let it get so absolutely unbearable that you develop an anxiety to latch onto the first thing you come across. I, too, have done that in the past. With this instance, I actually feel that, I have outgrown it - the position. I have essentially done the same thing for the past 7 years, and there were no new surprises or challenges. And with my personality, I need challenge. I need to aspire, need to be creative...and I think basically, I had taken this as long as it could possibly be taken.

So I have alot of 'clean up' stuff to do as I make this transition over the next few weeks. I am super excited, and really looking forward to lots of good things in the future :D


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